Isolated Vitamins VS Whole Food!

Being a Juice Plus distributor, I have been exposed to the big differences in fragmented, isolated vitamins and all the goodness that is in whole food. I always preface this by saying I truly believe the vitamin industry came about for a very good reason. It was evident we weren’t getting the nutrition we needed so why not find out what is in the good food, replicate it and put it in a pill form! Should work right?

The problem arises as they have continued research on whole food and what actually makes them the nutritional bombs that keep us healthy. Isolated vitamins, all those things you see in the vitamin aisles, are just that, isolated parts of the whole food. Vitamin C, for example, found in citrus and other vegetables, has been linked with boosting the immune system, thus keep the colds away. As research has taken place, they have found all these other phytonutrients that help the major vitamins get absorbed. Read what the American Institute for Cancer Research has to say about them!

I have heard doctors talk about them like symphonies. When all the pieces of the symphony are playing in tune, it sounds amazing! When one thing isn’t there, or out of tune, it is completely different. We need all these nutrients that are only found in whole food to make it work! Man cannot replicate them all so they just pick and choose what to replicate. This makes them inefficient and not effective when it comes to being absorbed by the body. That is the key. If they aren’t absorbed they are useless. The phytonutrients, or plant nutrients, are what helped the major vitamins get absorbed!

When you are spending your money on your health you want to make sure you are getting the most from what you are buying. From organic foods to vine ripened fruits and veggies, you get what you pay for. And when it comes to your health, you pay now or pay later!

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Have A Healthy Relationship With Exercise!

It’s interesting to see people evolve with exercise. During my 16 years at the YMCA, I had countless conversations with older adults who were very consistent with their workouts, and looked to have a great quality of life. I wanted to find out what the secret was to their success in the fitness world. Most of the time, they didn’t talk about being a “gym rat”. The people that seemed happiest made exercise part of their life, but didn’t let it take over.

Having a healthy relationship with exercise is vital to keeping in part of your routine. I talk about making New Years resolutions such that you can keep it in your schedule. This is exactly the reason to keep that healthy relationship. Too many times people go all in with spending all their spare time exercising. This may last for a couple of months, or even years, but most of the time it will fizzle out and they give up completely. As I have always said, this doesn’t mean you can’t, and shouldn’t, challenge yourself. Often you can spend less time overall exercising if you push it during the workout. If you begin to feel like you can’t keep the daily workout routine, there is nothing wrong with re-evaluating and finding where you can change.

Just as I said in an earlier post, you should have a healthy relationship with food, the same is true for exercise. Sure, we have to do it but when it becomes an obsession it could become a problem. Even worse, you may feel like it is something you can’t keep up with and decide to quit completely.

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