The Recumbent Bike Is No Good!

I heard it again! You can’t get a good workout on the recumbent bike. It is made for older people therefore it is not a good exercise.

Everyone has their opinion on what is the best piece of exercise equipment. The recumbent bike probably take the most heat when it comes to efficiency of your workout. Agreed, if you walk into most YMCA’s or community centers, older people are probably riding those bikes with the arm rests and your legs out in front. What I would challenge is that you can’t get a good workout on it.

Many times, when consulting with a new client, they tell me what they do during a normal workout. If they tell me they do the recumbent, the next thing I do is put them on the bike and ask them to set it up how they normally ride. There are 2 things I ask them to pay attention to. First, RPM, or rotations per minute. This is a way to determine how fast you are going. When I tell them to keep it between 75-80, they usually have to increase their leg speed and tell me they don’t go nearly that fast. The second thing to watch is the level of resistance. As you keep the RPM number up and gradually increase the resistance, that heart rate will go up and the calories burned will sky rocket!

If you get off a piece of equipment and don’t feel like you worked out, it isn’t the equipment. You have to take the responsibility to push yourself. There is not a piece of exercise equipment that will do that for you!

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There Are No Guarantees!

The payoff of exercise and eating right is good health! We spend many hours walking, lifting weights, stretching etc. to keep the excess weight off and muscles strong. Along with that is a healthy diet. The saying you can’t out exercise a poor diet is very true! Especially the older we get, it becomes more important to watch what we eat for many reasons.

What we eat will fuel the workout. Pay attention next time you exercise as to how you feel. Then go back to your food diary and see what you ate prior to that workout. I can almost guarantee that on the days you feel good, your eating habits were solid and when you weren’t as energized, you ate poorly.

More importantly, a healthy diet will give our bodies what they need to fight off disease. We get all these nutrients from whole foods, not processed. So many packaged foods make the claim that they add in antioxidants or enhance with vitamins. All of these are found naturally in whole food!

The problem with eating healthy and exercising is that we can get lulled into thinking we will never get sick. There are no guarantees that this will be true and we see examples all the time. There are many factors that can lead to illness and disease, some of which are genetic. What exercise and a healthy diet will do for you is put you in the best position to fight off that disease. Eating the right foods will power your immune system and that is the best disease fighter you have! And, it is proven that medications can be more effective when coupled with a healthy lifestyle. Having surgery? Your recovery time can be shortened dramatically if you go into surgery with a healthy body.

Don’t think you are guaranteed a disease free life with a healthy lifestyle. What you can guarantee is a much better quality of life!

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Fuel Kids To Take On The Day!

Long has it been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We need to get a good start after 6-8 hours of sleep. Not only that, when kids head to school they can’t snack throughout the morning so getting something good for that start is even more important.

It’s a challenge to get the right food in our kids, especially in the morning. However, if you ask any teacher, they will tell you when kids have sugary foods in the morning, it makes for a nightmare. Usually, there is very high energy level followed by a crash. The same holds true for lunch. I know how I feel when I don’t eat the best, whether it is breakfast or lunch. I also know how I feel when I have a great meal, packed with whole food! That is night and day!

The problem with breakfast is we believe the cereal companies when they advertise that their particular cereal is full of nutrients and will give energy. You have to read the label to find out how much sugar they get in there. Cereal today is very different than it was 20 years ago. You can tell just by the size of the aisle that houses the, probably, hundred different kinds. I would challenge parents to try something different for 30 days. Make your kids a scrambled egg with a bowl of fruit for breakfast and see first hand the change. Make their lunch for those 30 days to take along. Get some good protein along with a piece of fruit. I bet there would be more than one teacher make a comment about how different behavior is. I’m not just talking about bad behavior. Their energy level will change along with their focus. You will be shocked!

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What Can We Do With Recalls On Meds And Food?

It seems like there have been a lot of recalls of blood pressure meds as of late. Maybe a lot isn’t quite right but anytime this happens, it is a big deal. Then we have the recall of food for various reasons. There are so many people that are affected by recalls such as these that you realize how fragile our health is. At the same time, our bodies are extraordinarily strong and can heal when giving the right fuel.

First, lets not confuse medicine with fuel for the body. Typically, medicine is treating a symptom and not looking at the whole body. Just look at the side affects that come along with most medicines and you see it. The fuel that we need to heal and be strong comes from what we eat. More specifically whole foods such as fruits and vegetables. This is the fuel that we need to be heatlhy and perform at our best. But then we see recalls on certain foods, usually it is lettuce or something like that. What can you do to keep your family safe?

Diet and exercise will always be our safeguard from poor health. Is it foolproof? Absolutely not! Nothing in life is a guarantee. When talking about improving health, I recommend Juice Plus and will put it up against any supplement, or even medication, with its research. This is matched by no other company! Take a look at it HERE! You won’t see this with any other supplement company guaranteed. This research is specific to Juice Plus so no other company can say, see what the research shows here, now we have a product that is similar. It doesn’t work that way. And the research is done on actual people, not animals.

When it comes to food, Juice Plus has that covered as well with THE TOWER GARDEN! Grow your own food without pesticides and you can eat it fresh off the tower! How much healthier can you get!

A couple of things to take away. I think our medical industry is second to none and there are many reasons for medicine. We just need to be able to look at other options and say there may be a better way! And there is no guarantee that we will always be healthy just because we exercise and eat right. There are many factors that could take place, however a healthy lifestyle puts us in the best position to fight those things off.

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Once You Own It, You Will Achieve That Weight Loss!

There are too many excuses out there for weight gain. Fast food restaurants pop up everywhere so they must be to blame correct? Granted, the food choices at those restaurants are not the best but no one is forcing you to go there! We all make decisions on what we put in our mouths and that ultimately results in weight gain, loss or staying level.

Many times clients have said to me they saw their results boom when they finally looked in the mirror and realized their bad choices got them where they are. So it stands to reason good choices can change the course. This is exactly the mindset we need in order to be successful! The hardest thing to do is take that responsibility but boy does it change everything!

There are many more bad choices now than ever before. The grocery stores are full of sweet things that call our name. I talk all the time about the candy industry and how we go from one sugar period to another. Halloween candy is put on the shelves, what, around the beginning of September?? And really from that time through Easter, the aisles are full of Christmas, Valentine then Easter candy! What are we to do?? That is almost 8 months of holiday sweets staring at us! And that is not counting the regular, everyday candy each store has.

Just like the fast food, the candy companies are not forcing us to buy. We make those choices, however temptation tough! My thought process is always if you buy Halloween candy in September, it won’t be around to pass out to kids so just don’t do it! It sounds easy, I know, but that is the mindset to have. Once you get there, watch out!

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How Hard Is Too Hard To Push?

People have told me they want to find out their limits when it comes to exercise. I am a believer in getting results by challenging yourself and getting outside your comfort zone. To me, there is a big difference between getting out of your zone and pushing the limits and this is what I try to educate on.

I look at exercise as something that has so many benefits for health and well being that there is no reason not to do some form of it. For many, it comes easy and they don’t have to force themselves to get to the gym or out for that run. For others it may not be that easy. For everyone, it is needed.

The problem I have with the mindset of pushing the limit is that most of the time we don’t know what that limit is until it is too late. One step over the limit of what the body can handle and injury takes place. I’m not suggesting that injuries will never happen. Sometimes we just land wrong on the ground and twist an ankle. And, as I said earlier, we do need to get out of the comfort zone to get the most benefits possible. If you are looking to hit a goal, such as weight loss, injuries can push you so far behind that you might get frustrated and just give up. This is why I advocate challenging yourself and not focusing on that “limit”. So many amazing benefits can happen without increasing the risk of injury!

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Have A Healthy Relationship With Food!

Food is a necessity in life. Our bodies are machines and all machines need fuel in order to run. Cars use gas and oil. We need food. More specifically we need fruits, vegetables and berries.

The problem isn’t that fruits, vegetables and berries aren’t delicious and nourishing. The problem is that there are so many other foods out there that are amazingly good but not so good for us. All these food together are what we need to have a healthy relationship with!

Too many times I talk with people that think there is something odd if you have a salad for lunch or a healthy protein shake for dinner. We tend to think that every meal should be a grand one. The issue with that mindset is you would never be able to keep your weight under control!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving meals! I start looking forward to Thanksgiving right around Christmas! I celebrate birthdays and special events with friends and family and there is always food around for those festivities. There are even many times I have a pizza or burger and really don’t bat an eye. The reason is that I try to make many of my meals and snacks healthy, and portion controlled. When you do that on a regular basis, you can indulge on occasion without guilt. Doing that without guilt is the key. So many beat themselves up over having a cookie and that just isn’t right. If all you are eating are cookies then yes, you need to make a change. But if you get to reward yourself with a treat, doing it and don’t feel bad!

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