Take Your Strength Equipment To The Park!

There are many pieces of home exercise equipment that are effective for your overall health. When it comes the building strength, I love the Functional Trainers from Hoist and Bodycraft! They give plenty of options and great variety for a full body workout.

If you like getting outside, like I do, it can be a bit challenging to get a good strength workout. There are a few pieces that I like to take along with me to the park, such as TRX and the LEBERT EQUALIZER. TRX can be a bit limited in use because you need an anchor point, such as a tree branch or pull-up bar. Lebert Equalizer can be put anywhere!

I have been using this many years for myself and with clients, with great results! What I love about this type of equipment is the simplicity of it, yet you can be very creative and add your own style! Check out the video above and get one for yourself HERE! Use the code BETTAG40 to save $40 on your purchase!

Even if you are investing in a home gym, this can be a great compliment to the gym that you can throw in the trunk of your car!

Until next time…

I Love The Sounds Of Nature When I Exercise!

Let me start by saying I am a HUGE music fan. More specifically, classic rock and 80s-90s music (unfortunately for me that can be classified as classic). When I was a Spinning instructor, I loved putting together new play lists, although I think the class participants didn’t always agree with my selections :).

As I got into doing more outside cardio such as jogging and cycling, I made the decision to go without music in my ears for a number of reasons, especially with cycling. It has always bothered me to see cyclists with earbuds in their ears while they ride. There are enough distractions on the road and when you can’t hear cars coming up behind you, I think that is detrimental. Add to that when you are on the trails, such as Grants Trail, you really need to hear someone when they yell “on your left” so you don’t blindly turn around to go the other way. I have had many close calls because of this.

The safety part aside, I have come to enjoy the sounds of being outside during that activity. Especially when you are up early or out for a late run, the sounds of the birds chirping, dogs barking, kids playing and so forth make you realize there is a lot of beauty around you! You miss a lot when you are just plugged into music. I understand there are times you just want to be to yourself, and having those buds in your ears let people know you are focusing. What I recommend is give nature a try! You may find you enjoy that too!

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Workout Smarter, Not Longer!

There are many times I leave the gym only to hear from someone I know say, “leaving already?” I never take offense to this because I feel I have a pretty good grasp on what I need to do.

Many feel like you have to spend hours in the gym lifting weights. How many times do you read a Facebook post about leg day, when you should be close to not being able to walk after doing your legs. You shouldn’t be able to lift your arms over your head after an upper body workout right?

I am a firm believer that you need to challenge yourself in order to make gains. I also feel that soreness is one indicator of a good workout however you can be sore after doing everything wrong when it comes to form. You can also have a good workout and not necessarily have a lot of soreness.

When I am at the gym, I look to get in and out of there while still getting a quality workout. For me, it isn’t about the amount of time you spend if you are doing the right exercises. If you focus on the bigger muscle groups, chest, back and legs, especially when using multiple muscle groups, you are getting many muscles worked with a few exercises. You can then work your way down to the smaller groups. If you warm up properly and use weights that are challenging, you can get a good workout in a decent amount of time!

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Keto Is NOT The Only Way!

Well, I just got myself in trouble with all the Keto people. I get it, eating according to Keto is all the rage. Bacon…good! Bananas…Bad! I have heard it time and again how you can only lose weight when you are doing Keto. I am NOT, by any means, slamming on Keto. People can eat however they want. The point I try to get across is there is more than one way.

The reality with most diets, at least those that are worth anything, is you have to cut sugar and processed foods, while eating more real food. That is the key to losing weight and, more importantly, keeping it off. We can do anything for a short period of time to lose pounds. The problem comes about when people don’t have an exit strategy to those short term diets. I do a 10 day shred with a group. One thing I stress is that you have to have a plan for after the 10 days. Just going back to old habits won’t do a thing for you. And that is what leads people to believe there is only one way to lose weight.

Try changing your eating for a solid year and see what happens. When you are true to that, I can almost guarantee great results!

Until next time…

Exercise Is A Bad Word!

I have heard that “exercise” is a bad word and it is intimidating for some, pushing them away from actually doing it. The word we now are suppose to use is “movement”. Now we should make huge strides in the health of people right?

We make excuses for so many things in life, and, IMHO, this is just another. Whether we want to call it exercise, movement or any other word we can come up with, the end result is the same. Seems to me we need to address getting over the actual exercise. If we want to make gains with “movement”, for example, we need to get our heart-rate to a certain point and lift weights that are challenging to the muscle groups. Guess what? That is the exact same thing we do with “exercise”!

I am a very sympathetic person, especially when it comes to getting someone into exercise, and showing them the proper way to do it. It can be intimidating for many, but I don’t like the idea of giving yet another excuse to stay away from it. One way or another we have to move/exercise. The more excuses we have, and believe me there are so many already, the less likely we will do what needs to be done. In the end, I don’t care if we use movement or exercise, as long as we are doing it!

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Cyclist VS Drivers

I am like most cyclists in that I also see the perspective of the driver. However, most drivers aren’t cyclist therefore, can’t see the perspective of the cyclist. You all know what I’m talking about! There are so many times I hear drivers complain about those cyclist! They never stop at stop signs/lights! They just take over the road! Wah wah wah!

I get it. When I drive, I see cyclist that do blow through stop signs. I also see cyclists that obey the rules of the road. On the flip side, I see drivers that blow through stop signs, as well as drivers who obey the rules of the road. There are many times I have been on a bike and avoided an accident with a car because I keep an eye out for those who aren’t paying attention. There are also times driving when I have saved a cyclists life by not running them over when they didn’t stop at a sign. The frustrating thing for me when I ride is that I follow the rules. Someone in a car may get upset at a cyclist they came across earlier and they take that frustration out on me! Not good!

Here is the way I look at it. Until every driver follows the rules of the road, I don’t want to hear people complain about cyclists. And as a cyclist, a word of caution to other cyclists. It doesn’t matter if you come to a complete stop at that stop sign. You need to be aware of drivers because you will never win that collision with a car!

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Exercise Doesn’t Mean You Can Eat What You Want!

Or does it?? I have met many people who use the excuse that they workout to justify eating what they want. I’ll be honest, I have used this excuse myself! “I did 30 minutes on the bike, so I can have that Supreme Pizza”! It all works out right?

Depending on what your attitude is towards results, it is OK to use this. Now, I’m not endorsing eating what you want if you workout, but if you exercise to counter your not-so-great eating, go for it! I have worked with many clients who don’t understand why they aren’t losing weight until you dive into what they are eating on a daily basis. Most of us think we eat healthier than what we actually do. We remember the salads and forget the burgers. Sound familiar? Again, I am guilty of this too!

Here’s the deal. Most who start with the attitude of I can eat what I want, decide to try to eat healthier when they realize they will feel better when they workout, and on a daily basis, when they eat right. Also, teaching that you don’t have to change all at once makes a big impact. Do you have a burger twice a week? Start by cutting it back to once and making the other day a healthy eating day. Small changes makes all the difference!