What Do You Do During Cold/Flu Season?

It is fashionable now when you have a sniffle to rush off, get a certain test and, if a positive result, go to the hospital. If there were a protocol in place to treat minor symptoms, such as utilizing all meds that have shown to be helpful, this wouldn’t be bad. Or if there were more education about what people should be eating, simple exercise habits and what foods to avoid, that would be something! Sadly, we are in this weird time.

I don’t claim to know everything when it comes to diet and exercise, however there are many things I can share that I know will help you to be healthier and give your body what it needs to fight off viruses and, really, any disease!

  • Soak up the sunshine! Yes, it is cold and there are less hours of daylight so make the most of it when you can. A simple walk can do wonders!
  • Get your vitamin C from whole food! I go through bags of oranges and mandarins. AND you get a lot of Vit C from bell peppers and apples.
  • Juice Plus every day! Yes, we need to eat healthy but most of us can’t, won’t or don’t and need something to bridge that gap.
  • Drink your water. You don’t have to overdo it but staying hydrated essential.
  • Don’t miss your sleep. This is when your body heals!

These are simple additions that can do wonders for your health, and not just while we battle covid!

Until next time…#eatthedamnsalad

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