Do You Want To Go Vegan?

Thinking about going vegan? What happens when you do this? Weight loss is typically one thing most notice! Check out the video from NATURAL CURES for more!

Why Is Ivermectin Not Being Studied and Used More? It May Also Fight Cancer!!

One thing we all can agree on is we want the best treatment for this virus, as well as other diseases. When someone tests positive for covid, and may have symptoms that are minor but need to be treated, they should get whatever is available that can help. Not a big thing to ask. Ivermectin is one drug we have heard of and is very interesting how it came about and what potential it may have for CANCER and should be used more!

Since the discovery of Ivermectin in the 70’s, it has been used for a variety of things, as you can see from the National Center for Biotechnology Information, US National Library of Medicine. Interesting about this drug, it was originally used in veterinary medicine and found to have use in humans.

There are few drugs that can seriously lay claim to the title Wonder Drug, penicillin and aspirin being two that have perhaps had greatest beneficial impact on the health and wellbeing of mankind. But Ivermectin can also be considered alongside those worthy contenders based on its versatility, safety and beneficial impact it has had, and continues to have, worldwide, especially on hundreds of millions of the worlds poorest people.

Some powerful words! What is even more interesting is the impact Ivermectin is having on cancer patients! In an article here from Science Direct:

Ivermectin effectively supresses the proliferation and metastasis of cancer cells and promotes cancer cell death at doses that are non toxic to normal cells.

Ivermectin has been used to treat parasitic diseases in humans for many years and can quickly enter clinical trials for the treatment of tumors.

If nothing else, this seems to be an incredible medicine that has legitimate crossover capabilities for the treatment of many diseases. And if we have another weapon in the treatment of cancer AND covid, shouldn’t this be, at the very least, studied more? The problem is information like this is shut down quickly. The question is why?

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When Are We Going To Wake Up?

I feel it is important to say I believe there is a virus out there. In fact, I believe there are many viruses out there. Heck, I believed there were viruses LONG before it was cool to say it! I promise I wasn’t trying to keep it to myself as we never had this reaction to viruses in the past. With everything that went on last year, when are we going to wake up?

So much changed last year that if you were asleep since 2019 and just took a stroll down the street and into stores or schools or listened to the news, you would wonder if you are in the same place. Plastic barriers at checkout counters, people wearing masks (at least some), kids wearing masks at schools, on playgrounds and while playing sports would look strange. And don’t get me started on all the rebel, bad-boy rock stars and Hollywood elite lecturing us to get a vaccination and wear a mask. What is going on???

As I write this, St. Louis county is, once again, going to meet as to whether or not put a mask mandate in place. This argument has been going on for about a month since the tyrant…sorry, health expert decided to issue a mandate, which he has no power to do. It was quickly voted down as the great people in the county went to the meeting, voiced concerns and used their rights to get this done. However, some simply cannot give up power.

Although I could go on about this tyrant, that isn’t what this is about. In case you don’t remember, last year, and the beginning of this year, everyone was wearing masks indoors and social distancing. Churches were shut down and when they did open, had limited access to slow any spread. Getting together in groups was frowned upon and schools were limited to virtual as well as shortened in class hours. For the most part, we all complied as we were told if we do this, we can get back to normal. You could argue that not EVERYONE wore a mask however if that is the ultimate goal, it will never happen. I think that enough did it, and for a long enough period of time, that we should be back to normal if everyone (those in power) were being truthful. Unfortunately, being truthful doesn’t matter. Here we are, back again, being told if we just mask up for a while longer, we will get back to normal. I have asked many people what is the magic number for normal? No one can give an answer and, unfortunately, they are relying on those in power to give that number.

What I want to happen is very simple. Just be upfront and admit this will not end. It won’t end if we all put masks on for a month, a year or 5 years. It won’t end if everyone who is walking on this planet puts on a mask. As long as we continue to go along with “mask on, mask off” it won’t end. Why doesn’t everyone get this?!?!? I, for one, am tired of seeing people on social media telling me to “just mask up and we will get over all this”. You need to take the red-pill and see what I see.

St. Louis County is meeting later today to vote so we will see if the tyrant was able to bully another member into somehow changing a vote. I will update as it comes out.

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Great News! We Have Found Out Why Healthcare Costs Are So High!

In an article from The Epoch Times,

Employees at Delta Airlines will have to pay a $200 per month surcharge for their company sponsored health-care plan if they aren’t vaccinated against covid-19, according to the companies top executive.

Just let that sink in for a minute. The top execs at Delta airlines, who plan out the budgets and have their finger on the pulse of where their money goes, sees the unvaccinated as the driving force of skyrocketing health-care cost! Incredible! For years I thought it was poor food choices, increase soda and alcohol consumption, lack of exercise and obesity that increased the cost but I was wrong.

Why would the unvaccinated be the only people who are charged more? Why not institute a surcharge for those who go to fast-food restaurants? Or for those who choose to drink and smoke? This is all very simple to do. When you go to buy any food or drink, you have to submit the receipt to your employer for their approval. You want to buy cigs and beer? You will pay more for your insurance. How about a Twinkie or donut? Hitting the drive-thru is really going to cost you!

Sure, I know companies that offer a discount for yearly health checkups but I don’t think it comes anywhere close to $200/month. And with that in mind, why is it not those who get vaccinated get a discount on insurance as opposed to those who aren’t vaccinated pay more? Wouldn’t that makes sense as the vaccine is suppose to be a good thing? As mom would say, everything is bass-ackwards (yes, she does say that).

If 2 years ago, someone said to you that your government is so concerned about your health that they are going to shut down gyms and leave fast-food restaurants open, what would you say? How about if you were told that your company can charge you more for insurance for lifestyle choices they deem to be bad. Would you be ok with that? I wonder.

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