Winter Is A Great Time To Try New Teas!

When it is cold and you aren’t in the mood for coffee, reach for tea! There are many benefits and a vast variety to try. Check out the video from NATURALCURES for the health benefits of Marjoram Tea!


It is easy to see where the conversation on the virus will go with someone when the words “I listen to science” comes out of their mouth. It is always muttered with an air of arrogance, as though there is only one science source to get information from. They seem to also think if “science” is said early enough, anything you say to the opposite, in their minds, can be discarded because it goes against their “science” source.

I believe in science, which is why I’ll put the plug for Juice Plus and the SCIENCE behind what our immune system can do to fight viruses…but I digress.

The problem with “science” is the numbers can be manipulated to put forth what is wanted. I think it is interesting that not one of these science people will talk about the science of what whole food does for our immune system. Or what science says a healthy immune system will do for fighting viruses, disease etc. If these so-called experts don’t recognize how important that is, then we are toast…again, I digress.

It is troubling because science says you can’t shake hands or high-five, but you can fist-bump. Science says to limit the number of people in church but no limits to the clean confines of Walmart. Science says to wear a mask when you walk in a restaurant but it is then safe to take it off at the table. Science says for some sports you can’t have fans in the stands while for other sports you can, just not a full stadium. Oh, and don’t forget about it not spreading during a riot. And don’t get me started about how “science” reports positive cases without talking about who is really sick.

You get the idea why people are so confused and upset. We all have choices to make and we have lived with viruses long before this came about. We are going to have to live with them long after this one as well. Are we going to let “science” tell us just to wear a mask and not be with others? Are we going to let people be secluded and depressed? What does “science” say about all that?

Until next time…here is Thomas Dolby!

Combat Heart Disease!

Heart disease is one of the most prominent chronic diseases HOWEVER you can combat it by the food you eat! If you avoid certain foods, you also help yourself to be healthier so you can fight other diseases and possibly certain viruses that shall remain nameless (coronavirus)! Check out the video from FOODS4HEALTH for more!