Once You Own It, You Will Achieve That Weight Loss!

There are too many excuses out there for weight gain. Fast food restaurants pop up everywhere so they must be to blame correct? Granted, the food choices at those restaurants are not the best but no one is forcing you to go there! We all make decisions on what we put in our mouths and that ultimately results in weight gain, loss or staying level.

Many times clients have said to me they saw their results boom when they finally looked in the mirror and realized their bad choices got them where they are. So it stands to reason good choices can change the course. This is exactly the mindset we need in order to be successful! The hardest thing to do is take that responsibility but boy does it change everything!

There are many more bad choices now than ever before. The grocery stores are full of sweet things that call our name. I talk all the time about the candy industry and how we go from one sugar period to another. Halloween candy is put on the shelves, what, around the beginning of September?? And really from that time through Easter, the aisles are full of Christmas, Valentine then Easter candy! What are we to do?? That is almost 8 months of holiday sweets staring at us! And that is not counting the regular, everyday candy each store has.

Just like the fast food, the candy companies are not forcing us to buy. We make those choices, however temptation tough! My thought process is always if you buy Halloween candy in September, it won’t be around to pass out to kids so just don’t do it! It sounds easy, I know, but that is the mindset to have. Once you get there, watch out!

Until next time…


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