I ruined everything yesterday!

Does anyone else have that feeling after Thanksgiving?  You exercise everyday, watch what you eat and on this one day you overdo it and you feel like all is lost.  I’m going to tell you that all was not ruined.

I have talked before about how, if you don’t change your eating habits throughout the rest of the year, changing them for that one day won’t make a difference at all.  The same is true if you do what you need to do throughout the year, that big eating day is not going to set you back.  Most likely you got right back to the workout and ate something sensible.  That is the key and that is what building healthy habits is all about.

I enjoy the holidays!  Part of that enjoyment for me is the food and drink.  Who am I to insult someone who worked hard to prepare food only to have me not enjoy it!  That is just not me 🙂

Until next time…

What is your excuse?

I think I have heard just about every excuse in the book why people can’t exercise or change eating habits.

I don’t have time, it’s too expensive to buy healthy food, I can’t afford a gym, I have a bad knee, I don’t like to sweat, I need an event to train for, it takes too much time, I only like the elliptical and it is always being used when I get to the gym, it takes too much time to make healthy meals/snacks…there could be a couple of pages here so you get the idea.  You may even hear yourself in some of these!

The reality is simple.  We all need to exercise and eat right to be healthy.  Everyone has time issues but when you realize how important it is you will make the time.  And when you know what you need to be doing and have a game plan, you can be very efficient with your time.  Yes, there is a cost to this but it is so much more expensive to deal will illness than prevention.  There are so many more things to do than the elliptical so quit being so picky!  Go ahead, fire your best excuse at me, I’ll have a way around it!  Probably because I have used all of them at one time myself!  🙂

Until next time…

Work your core!

IMG_0498We have all heard how important it is to “work the core”!  A strong core is what we need and really you don’t have to spend hours on this.  Sit-ups are not the best way but if that is all you have, make the most of it.  Using a stability ball can make all the difference in the world and is a very inexpensive investment.  This was my early morning workout.  TRX is a fantastic way to gain overall strength and really get your core strong.  As you can see it can be used anywhere!  This is at a playground and, yes, it was about 20 degrees outside when I did this so there is no excuse!  Once you get the blood flowing you don’t notice…sorry, I couldn’t get through that without laughing.  It was cold the whole time but just do it!

Making simple changes in your life can go a long way in your overall health.  Get started today!

Until next time…

There is a better way than whey!

Protein drinks are all the rage.   And, really, it isn’t a bad idea to get some extra protein to fuel your body.  Whether it is for a meal replacement or pre/post workout, having the right nutrition is vital.

I am a Juice Plus guy.  Fruits, vegetables and berries in a capsule, backed by research, is a great way to go.  We need the variety that Juice Plus offers, not just the nutrition of one or two berries or synthetic man-made vitamins.

The same is true for our protein needs.  Getting protein from a variety of sources is better than just getting it from one.  And the reality is that plants offer a great source!   I’ll discuss what whey is at another time but know that Juice Plus Complete has protein from  different plant sources as well as both soluble and insoluble fiber!  This is almost unheard of in protein drinks.  If you have a protein drink at home take a look at the ingredients.  You probably won’t find fiber and there will be one source of protein.   There is a reason it is called Complete!

Check it out!  www.jbettag1.juiceplus.com.

Until next time…