Why wait for New Years resolution??

Yes, that time of year is fast approaching. The most wonderful time of the year! Actually, Halloween candy has been in the stores for a month now so it really started a while back. People fear this time because of the chance of gaining weight instead of enjoying the time with friends and family.
Yes, we have to be aware of what we eat but I have said it many times before, this is not the time to look to lose weight. Maintaining is the word here. If you haven’t made changes on your eating habits yet this year, don’t think that from Thanksgiving on is going to be the time to make those changes. This doesn’t mean you can’t maintain your weight and keep your exercise program in place. It’s all about being reasonable with your expectations. Make sensible choices when you should and those parties won’t be that big of a deal.

Until next time…


Change what you’re doing!

It is good to take a look at what you are doing and decide if you are accomplishing what you want, whether it is what you do for a living or how you exercise. For me, changing one of those led to changing the other. I had a great opportunity to change what I was doing for 16 years and make a fairly big career move. I’ll talk about that at another time. What this forced me to do is re-evaluate how I exercised. I spent a lot of time in the weight room getting my strength gains there. It is extremely important, the older we get, to keep up on the weights and work on getting stronger. I forgot what a challenge it is, on a daily basis, to get those workouts in because I started my day working out at the place I worked. For most it takes planning to get to the gym before or after work, fitting in exercise while raising a family.
When I changed jobs I decided it was time to change the exercise habits. In doing this, it reinforced with me that you don’t have to have a fancy membership to lead a healthy lifestyle. There are too many excuses out there on why someone can’t workout. I spent the summer outside at the pool, swimming laps with my daughter, cycling, running (actually jogging) and doing bodyweight exercises. I have a couple pieces of equipment that were sitting around the house, used occasionally. When I used them on a regular basis I realized just how effective they are. TRX and the Lebert Equalizer are two great things to get for your home and can be used at a park or anywhere outside.
My point here is get outside too! I see so many people spending hours at the gym doing things that can be done outside. I’m not saying completely move away from the gym but realize that it can be great to start your morning at the park, watching the sun come up. It makes those pushups and burpees a little more tolerable!

Until next time…