Forget Resolutions

Simple lifestyle changes are where to start.  Remember, you don’t have to make all the changes at once.  Think of healthy living as just that, living.  This is something we all have to do the rest of our lives.  If snacking is the worst part of your day make that change to a healthy snack and go from there.  Start your exercise routine so you can improve on a monthly basis and challenge yourself.  If you need help getting things started let me know.

Until next time…


It’s almost go time!

We are days away from starting those New Years resolutions.  I don’t really know the stats but I would bet that the thing people resolve to change the most is their health/fitness/wellness habits.  Gyms all over are building up their sales staff to be able to handle all the new people rushing to start their healthy lifestyle.  

Why are fitness goals at the New Year so easily put aside?   I think the biggest reason is that people make the goals too lofty to start.  If you are new to exercise, there is no reason to think you are suddenly going to work out every day.  That may be something you will work up to but it is best to start with something that is attainable and build from there.  Three days a week is a great way to start.  Get a good combination of weights and cardio and you are on your way. 

I can help you with your program or other questions you may have to keep the resolution going past February!

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Merry Christmas!

It seems like only yesterday we were helping our kids dress up in costume for halloween.  At that time, Christmas was a long time off.  Now the shopping is finished, or at least should be, and we are close to one of the most beautiful times of the year.  Kids of all ages are looking forward to Santa coming down the chimney to leave gifts and other goodies.  

We can’t lose sight of what the real reason is for this season.  It is wonderful to get together with family and friends and enjoy great foods and drink (remember the egg nog), but there is something more.

 I love the midnight mass when everything is very quiet and peaceful.  If you have ever attended this mass you would know that something greater than shopping takes place on Christmas.  We lose sight of the important things and this time of year makes us realize what is important.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Keep moving!

Are you stressing out coming down to the last week before Christmas?  I know, it should be enjoyable but it is also a challenging time.  Use those workouts for stress relief.  After all, that is a big part of exercise.

 If you have worked hard this year and lost weight, think about being that far ahead of where you were last year when January 1 hits.  Then think about where you will be next year as you continue to work hard to achieve those goals.  Start thinking now about what you want those goals to be and I can help you reach those.  


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Christmas parties are rough!

Three Christmas parties this weekend.  Three!  That’s enough to ruin anyones diet and fitness hard work.  

I knew Friday was going to be a rough evening with eating and boy was I right!  For me, pizza is one of the four food groups but I would usually have it for the main dish of a meal.  You know, with a salad.  At this one party, there was pizza for an appetizer!  This was after toasted ravioli, spinach dip, potato skins and so forth, and before a main dish.  You get the idea it wasn’t the healthiest meal.  Knowing this, I took the opportunity to prepare with what I ate for breakfast and lunch.  Four pieces of fruit, hard boiled egg, some almonds and other nuts scattered throughout the day.  This kept me satisfied during the day and made me more comfortable that evening as I was enjoying the other foods.  

I will continue to stress that while the foods at Christmas parties are not the healthiest,  you have to make choices throughout the day, and every day, that will allow you to enjoy yourself.    And more importantly, personal trainers are not excluded from making those choices. 

Until next time…

Maintaining your weight

It is always frustrating when I talk with someone who has worked so hard to lose weight only to put it back on, and then some.  Sometimes it is because they went on a crash diet and did some silly things to lose it, but most of the time it is simply because they didn’t keep working out.  Losing weight and keeping the weight off go hand in hand but are really very different.  I always tell people that the maintenance stage is easy once you get there.  What you  have to keep in mind is that everyone has to work out as part of their lifestyle in order to maintain a healthy weight.

When you are trying to lose weight, typically you have to cut calories and start to eat the right things.  Cutting calories may seem tough but usually we eat too much and portions are way to big.  As we get to normal portion sizes our bodies get accustomed to the amount of food and we are satisfied with how much we are eating.  Every meal should not be a Thanksgiving meal!  The amount of exercise we do will increase because we are trying to burn off extra calories whenever possible.

There is good news with maintenance, and this is the important part.  While we have to continue to exercise it is not always about trying to lose weight but trying to keep us at the current weight.  Our exercise should still be challenging but we are really in a different mode than at weight loss.  

There are a few tricks to use so if you need help let me know.

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BMI, bodyfat % etc, etc. What is important?

You may have been at the gym and some trainer comes up to you and offers to test your bodyfat.  Or the doctors office gives you a BMI number and you don’t exactly know what that means.  A lot of times, insurance companies use these numbers to determine how healthy you are.  What is this all about, what do those numbers mean and do you need to be concerned.  The answer can be a little foggy.  

Bodyfat percent is determining what percentage of your overall weight is fat weight.  There are a number of different ways to figure this out however they aren’t always very accurate.  The two that are most commonly used at gyms are probably the least accurate.  You can have your fat pinched (sounds pleasant doesn’t it?) or you could have what is called bioelectrical impedance.  With having the skin pinched, there are typically 4 or 5 different areas that are used to get a number then you look at a chart to find out what your bodyfat is.  The problem is that many times the person who is doing it doesn’t get the pinch correct.  You could also have two different people do this and get two completely different numbers.  With the bioelectrical impedance, you hold on to a machine and it sends a very low electrical wave out to determine what your percent is.  I always tell people to be consistent with your test.  Use the same trainer each time if you do the skin folds or the same machine.   The most accurate, and there is usually a cost with this, is water immersion.  

BMI, or body mass index, is a simple math problem.  It is taking a height to weight ratio and coming up with a number.  Typically your number should be between 20-25 to be in a good range.  The problem here is it doesn’t take muscle weight into the equation.  The more muscle you have the less accurate the number will be.  

When you get these readings, you need to also take into account your other numbers, such as blood pressure, cholesterol and things like that.  You can’t just take one number to determine your wellness level.  

Let me know if you have any questions.

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