Want to lose stomach fat?

If you want to lose inches on your waistline, spending all your time doing crunches will do little.  It will make your abs strong but if your goal is to lose fat you would be wise to spend it doing other things.  

As I have said before, making those big muscle groups strong will help your body to use more calories when you aren’t working out.  Squats, chest press and lat pulldowns will get those muscles working.  This will also help you to maintain a healthy body weight and keep that excess weight off, which is so important.  

Using your time wisely and getting the most out of that time is key.  Let me know how I can help.

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It’s getting close!!!!

Don’t hate me for bringing this up but seeing halloween candy in the stores for a month now requires me, as someone in the fitness industry, to talk about the upcoming months.  

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years happen every year people!  Throw in there all the parties that will go along with this and you get mass hysteria.  I have always said this is a challenging time of year to decide to lose weight but it can be done and you don’t have to pledge that you will not touch a piece of pie or two.  

Start now changing eating habits and getting on a simple exercise routine that you can stick to.  A simple exercise routine doesn’t mean easy, is means doing the right exercises to maximize your time.   And changing eating habits doesn’t have to be intimidating.  No need to go on a crash diet, rather look at where you have the biggest problem and start by changing that.  

If you need help in getting started let me know.

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Are carbohydrates really bad for you?

Low carb/no carb diets seem to be the rage.   Those poor carbohydrates are getting blamed for weight gain everywhere.   We have to eat more protein and eliminate the carbs.  There is an element of truth to this but we have to be able to differentiate between good and bad carbs.

A lot of bad things can be classified as carbohydrates.  Breads and pastas are in this category and should be limited.  If you are going to cut back on something this is it.  

Fruits and vegetables are also carbohydrates but as we all know are essential to a healthy diet.  This is where we get vitamins that our body needs to function properly and be healthy.   Don’t get so caught up in what fruits and veggies to eat just start to eat them and feel the difference they make.  

There is a simple way to bridge the gap between what we eat and what we should eat and that is Juice Plus.  I would love to talk with you about this and you can visit my site… http://www.jeffbettag.com.

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I hate to exercise!

I hear this all the time from people.  This is a tough obstacle to overcome for so many.  There are those who can’t wait to get to the gym to lift weights or go out for that run/ride.  They may not truly understand the health benefits they are getting for exercise, or maybe they do.  Either way, they are fortunate because it is usually not a struggle to just get started.

I try to help people understand a couple of things about exercise.  First is that you don’t have to spend hours in the gym to reap the health benefits.  Sure, there are those that love doing that but if you simply spend 30 minutes of dedicated exercise you can accomplish a lot.   Second, it doesn’t matter if you like to do it or not, we all have to exercise to be healthy.  Yes, there is always that individual who never exercises a day in his/her life, eats what they want, never gains a pound and has great blood pressure and so forth.  We all dislike that person.  This is called the exception to the rule!  Its like saying, “I know someone who smoked 2 packs a day and lived to 100, therefore smoking is not bad for you.”  Get the point?

We all have to do it.  Find something you dislike the least and start there.  There are so many ways to exercise so if you need some help let me know.


Until next time…

Taking responsibility Part 2

Back in May I shared a story about my friend, Terry, and his weight loss journey.   At that time he has lost around 160 lbs.  His dedication was inspiring to me and caught the attention of many others.  He has taken responsibility and there is no sign of him giving up!  

Yesterday he sent me a text after weighing in and he is now down a total of 240 lbs!!!   This is truly amazing and when I talk with Terry I can tell he will reach his ultimate goal as he continues to work hard and pay attention to what he eats.  

What a motivating story and person!  Thanks, Terry, for sharing this.  Keep up the great work!

Taking responsibility for your health and fitness

There are many reasons people are successful with their fitness endeavors, and just as many reasons they are not successful.  Those that are able to reach their goals, and more importantly, maintain those goals usually have taken responsibility for not being in the best shape and have also said it is up to them to turn it around.  They may utilize the services of a personal trainer to get them in the right direction but ultimately no one is going to do the work but them.  

As a trainer, I feel it is my responsibility to help you understand what you need to do and why.  The easy part for a trainer is to take a client for an hour and put them through a workout, make them sweat and sore.  There is nothing to that.  The good ones teach their clients why they have them doing the exercises and where they are going to get the most benefits.  Lets face it, I may see a client once a week and they have to know what to do the other 6 days on their own.  It just makes sense.  

Let me know how I can help you.

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