Should I work through pain?

We have all heard that hard core mantra, “no pain, no gain”.   If you weren’t hurting you simply weren’t doing enough.  There is a line that can be crossed into doing more harm than good.

First, you have to determine the difference between good pain and bad pain.  If your muscles are sore that is not such a bad thing.  If the pain is in a joint area, that could be a different story and may require more rest or even having a doctor check it out.  If muscle soreness last for too long of a time, many days after the workout, you may have overworked that muscle.

We certainly have to challenge ourselves to get results, there is no getting around that.  However, exercise should enhance our lives and not take away from it.  If those legs are sore from your workout that is ok.  If you literally can’t walk the next day you probably did too much. 

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Swim for your health

I have always known how to swim, but the way I did it was more for survival than exercise.  Or “swimming” meant floating in a pool with a cold drink in hand.  Once I decided to use it for exercise I realized what an amazing workout it is.

About 15 years ago I made the decision to do a triathlon.  I just wanted to do a sprint but I knew the problem was going to be the swim.  I met with my cousin, who is a swim guru, and he gave me a couple of things to work on.  I got in the pool and work I did!   The biggest challenge was trying to get the breathing down but once I got over that hump, and it took time, things started to fall into place and then the benefits began showing.  

You get cardiovascular benefits as well as constant resistance from the water to tone muscles.  It really is a full body workout as all the muscles are working together to propel you through the water.  It also forces you to control your breathing which is important.  Then there are the therapeutic  benefits for the back, knees and shoulders.  

You only truly understand what it will do by trying it so find a pool and don’t forget your swimsuit!

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Weight gaining dangers in winter

Now that the temperatures are dropping and there is less sunlight, the challenge to lose weight becomes more difficult.  One big reason is that the outdoor activities drop off dramatically in the winter.  Cutting your lawn on the weekends is a great calorie burner.  Going to the pool a couple times a week can be an amazing workout.  Think about climbing those steps to get to the top of the water slide.  Now think about doing that about 10 times.  Who needs a stairmaster!  Throw in there just the general swimming around after the kids and you have yourself quite the workout!

Since all of that has come to a screeching halt try not to worry.  There is nothing better than going for a walk/jog out in the cool fall air or crisp winter days.  That can be very motivating and you may end up going a lot further that you could when there is extreme heat.  Do some simple bodyweight exercises such as squats, lunges and pushups.  These can help break up the workout a bit and can boost your metabolism.  

Let me know how I can help you get through your winter.

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The Cardinals are in the World Series….Lets eat!!

What is it about major sporting events that cause us to over-indulge?  Any other day of the week I would be perfectly content with a salad and a piece of fish for dinner but for some reason when game 1 starts, all I’ll be thinking about are nachos and an ice cold frosty one.   Grab some buds, head for the mountains and order up the brats and nachos.

I’m not trying to use this to confess to my bad eating habits simply because these aren’t my regular eating habits.  I have always said it isn’t those individual days that cause us to gain weight but having overall bad habits are the problem.  If you exercise and eat healthy on a regular basis then you can enjoy some of these things.  We get into trouble when the fattening food and drink become regular and the healthy eating and exercise are sporadic. 

If you know you are going to be with friends enjoying the game in the evening make sure you don’t skip out on the workout and order the salad for lunch.  

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How frustrated are you?

There is nothing worse than spending hours in the gym and not getting results, whatever those results may be.  This can drive the most dedicated person crazy.  Instead of going through a workout, it is probably more effective to sit down and talk about their goals, what they are doing and what to change. 

Aren’t getting the most out of your cardio?  It usually takes calculating your heart rate range and learn why it is important to work in that range.

Ladies, looking to tone the arms?  You need to do more than tricep extensions.   Multi muscle exercises are key.

You don’t like a certain exercise?  There is always another exercise to do.  There is no one way that is the best.

Do your goals fit the time you have to spend exercising?  If you can give three 30 minute sessions a week that is great!  Lets talk about what you want to attain and if that is something you can hit.  

If you would like to chat about what you are doing let me know.

Go Cards!

Until next time…

What diet/cleanse should I choose?

To go on a cleanse for a week seems to be something many are doing.  I am told a lot by people that they are going to start said cleanse that following Monday and so they are going to eat and drink what they want until then.  Or, they are going on one of the hip diets that everyone is on and they heard such wonderful things.  

I am a very simple person.  I have come to accept that about myself and, honestly, it makes a lot of things so much easier.  I don’t over-think eating, for example.  I don’t sit there and think I can’t combine this food with that food because the chemical combination will be such that the calories from those foods will go straight to my stomach.   I admit, I could be so wrong here but I think people just put too much into this.  The same goes for a cleanse.  The idea behind this is that we “cleanse” our bodies  and everything will be good.  

Here is what I think.  Our bodies are amazing machines.  The most amazing machine there is and it is truly a gift from God.  Being that gift from God, He also gave us the fuel to make these machines go in the form of fruits , vegetables, berries, legumes, you get the idea.  He did not give us these with a manual on what to eat together and what to keep separate.  We just need to eat this fuel/food.  See how simple I am?  It is the consistency of eating healthy that our body needs, not changing up from one thing to another.  And fruits and vegetables are natural cleansers, so that takes care of that.  

Keep it simple and consistent.  That is the key.

Until next time…

Do you know what is really in your supplement?

You open your favorite fitness magazine and there is an advertisement for a supplement that will make you ripped, help you lose those pounds or give you tons of energy.   That magic we are all looking for is right there on the shelf at GNC.

If you aren’t concerned about your health and interested in how to prevent illness you need to be.  I just read an article about a supplement that was named supplement of the year and was found to be secretly spike with a chemical similar to methamphetamine.  There was also a weight loss pill with the same thing.  As I was talking with a friend today, he was telling me how after he had bloodwork done his doctor asked if he was taking steroids because it was showing up in the results.  The only thing he was using was a number of over the counter supplements.  His doctor said that whatever he was taking had steroids in it and that was the reason so many athletes test positive and claim they didn’t do anything illegal.  We simply don’t know what is in these things be buy at the store and the advertisements offer fantastic benefits.  

10 years ago I found Juice Plus.  If you haven’t heard about it check it out.  What I love about it is the simplicity.  Fruits and vegetables in a capsule.  Easy enough right?  There are a number of things that set it apart from the other stuff out there.  First is the research,  20 years worth in fact.  Research on the actual product with actual people, not lab rats.  Gold standard research, double blind, placebo based.  It doesn’t get any better.  Then there is the NSF rating.  This is what your college athlete should look for when using a supplement.  This guarantees the supplement is OK for the athlete to use.  

I would love to talk with you about this and answer your questions.

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Want to lose stomach fat?

If you want to lose inches on your waistline, spending all your time doing crunches will do little.  It will make your abs strong but if your goal is to lose fat you would be wise to spend it doing other things.  

As I have said before, making those big muscle groups strong will help your body to use more calories when you aren’t working out.  Squats, chest press and lat pulldowns will get those muscles working.  This will also help you to maintain a healthy body weight and keep that excess weight off, which is so important.  

Using your time wisely and getting the most out of that time is key.  Let me know how I can help.

Until next time…

It’s getting close!!!!

Don’t hate me for bringing this up but seeing halloween candy in the stores for a month now requires me, as someone in the fitness industry, to talk about the upcoming months.  

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years happen every year people!  Throw in there all the parties that will go along with this and you get mass hysteria.  I have always said this is a challenging time of year to decide to lose weight but it can be done and you don’t have to pledge that you will not touch a piece of pie or two.  

Start now changing eating habits and getting on a simple exercise routine that you can stick to.  A simple exercise routine doesn’t mean easy, is means doing the right exercises to maximize your time.   And changing eating habits doesn’t have to be intimidating.  No need to go on a crash diet, rather look at where you have the biggest problem and start by changing that.  

If you need help in getting started let me know.

Until next time…

Are carbohydrates really bad for you?

Low carb/no carb diets seem to be the rage.   Those poor carbohydrates are getting blamed for weight gain everywhere.   We have to eat more protein and eliminate the carbs.  There is an element of truth to this but we have to be able to differentiate between good and bad carbs.

A lot of bad things can be classified as carbohydrates.  Breads and pastas are in this category and should be limited.  If you are going to cut back on something this is it.  

Fruits and vegetables are also carbohydrates but as we all know are essential to a healthy diet.  This is where we get vitamins that our body needs to function properly and be healthy.   Don’t get so caught up in what fruits and veggies to eat just start to eat them and feel the difference they make.  

There is a simple way to bridge the gap between what we eat and what we should eat and that is Juice Plus.  I would love to talk with you about this and you can visit my site…

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