Kids Weight Issues

There is great concern about the weight problem our children are facing today.  We all know that the excess weight we carry will lead to many health issues down the road, health issues that can be very costly.  There are a number of things that factor into this from the use of computers that make kids do less activity to the junk food that they take in as nourishment.  

We had a good snowstorm this past weekend, and as I was outside sledding and having a snowball fight with my 9 year old and her friends (I won the snowball fight, FYI) I noticed something that made me think of another factor that is making our kids more and more unhealthy.  Actually, it was something that I didn’t notice.  When I was a kid and it snowed, we couldn’t wait to get outside.  I have a brother who is a year older and when we went outside we each grabbed a snow shovel and started our way around the neighborhood knocking on doors and offering our snow removal service, for a fee of course.  We spent many hours doing this so you can imagine the amount of work we put in.  It gave us the activity we needed plus we were adding to our bank accounts.  I didn’t see one kid out doing any shoveling.  Now, we don’t get many snowstorms but we do have long, hot summers and we would then move to the grass cutting business and in the fall raking leaves.  Again, think about the last time you saw kids doing these things.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that if kids start shoveling snow and cutting grass, that is going to put an end to the problem, but it is another piece of the puzzle that gives them a little extra activity.  As all the activity is taken away it leads to more and more problems.

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Decisions, decisions. How to eat to lose weight.

There are many decisions we need to make when looking to lose weight and maintain the ideal, healthy weight.  One of those is whether to eat the traditional 3 meals a day or go the “mini- meal” 5-6 times a day.  The latter has taken momentum as the better way to go about weight loss, however is it better.

A study out of University of Missouri shows that may not always be the case.

“Often people misinterpret the size of a ‘mini meal’ and end up taking in far more calories than they realize,” says lead author Heather J. Leidy, Ph.D. “Also, more meals means more exposure to food, which creates more opportunities for overeating.”

What it comes down to is either way you choose, you always have to be aware of how many calories you are taking in.  That is the key.  

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The “Prince of Pain”

I was training an early morning client and he was telling me his friend referred to his trainer as the prince of pain.  What a cool nickname!  I will probably never be given such a name and honestly I am fine with that.

 There are many trainers out there who have one goal in mind and that is to make sure their client can’t walk the next day because they are so sore.  Soreness after a workout is a good indicator as to how challenging your exercise routine was but it is not always the best.  As I have told many clients, you can be sore because you challenged yourself but you can also be sore because you did everything with poor form.   I am a firm believer that if you cannot walk the next day or cannot raise up your arms because they are just too sore, you may have overworked your muscles which can lead to long term damage.

I truly think you should challenge yourself when you workout, however exercise should enhance your life, not take away from it.  Exercise should be a part of your life, not take over your life.  This is a fine line that is crossed often by those working out and by trainers. The body has limitations and it is going to tell you what those limitations are.  Listen to it. 

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I can never have another cookie again!

I hear this a lot from people trying to lose weight.  It is a battle as to what you can and can’t eat when you want to see the number on the scale go down.  There is obviously a relationship between your weight and what foods you are eating.  I truly believe this does not mean you can never have some foods you enjoy.  

It simply isn’t ONE cookie that is the problem, it is TEN of them.  It isn’t going to McDonald’s that ONE time, it is going there multiple times a week.  Yes, we do have to make the right choice a majority of the time, but if someone told me I could NEVER go to MacArthur’s bakery for a pastry again, well, lets just say there would be a revolt.  Having that apple, salad, fish and all the other healthy things along with a regular exercise program gives you the right to reward yourself with a cookie. 

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Ready for that swimsuit?

We’re getting close to that time.  The pools will be opening, getting the shorts and t-shirts out.  Are you ready??  I am!  I don’t know about you but I am officially finished with winter!  Don’t panic if you don’t feel you are ready to put that suit on.  Five must – do exercises are bench press, row, leg press or squat and abs and lower back on a stability ball.  Hit the cardio at about 75-80% of your maximum heart-rate and you will be burning some calories.  Be consistant and get the eating habits in order and you will feel great and see some great changes.  

Let me know how I can help you.

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Why go on a diet????

I cringe every time I hear someone talk about going on a diet for 30 days to kick start weight loss.  My first question to them is what are you going to do after those 30 days?  Most don’t have a plan.  The problem is that after going on a “diet”, they go back to their poor eating habits and it is shown that people put that weight back on plus some extra just for good measure.  

Change your eating habits.  That is the only way to successful weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.  The weight will come off and, more importantly, stay off.

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How to truly grow organic

We hear all the time that we should look for organic foods when possible.  The belief is that “organic” means safe and free from toxins.  This is a bit misleading in that those organic foods are grown in the ground and it is difficult, if not impossible, to keep some toxins out.  Don’t get too discouraged….there is hope!  Check out the Tower Garden.  Grow your own truly organic food using hydroponics/aeroponics.  This is a remarkable growing machine.

This is going to change how we grow food and the company is doing amazing things here!

I would love to discuss this with you!

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