I wanna look like a fitness magazine model

Many times I have met with a client and they bring in a picture from a magazine telling me that is what they want to look like.  We are constantly bombarded with the fitness magazine covers showing a buff dude with his shirt off and ripped muscles standing next to a beautiful gal wearing a  sports bra and not an ounce of fat.  This all looks great but here is where we have to separate reality from fantasy.  I have talked with fitness models about their workout programs and what it comes down to is all of their free time is spent working out.  That is in addition to their scheduled workouts.    If you are making your living having that picture taken it would make sense to work out all the time.  Most of my clients are parents who have an extremely busy schedule and don’t have the luxury of constant exercise. The other thing to factor in the magazine cover is the infamous airbrush.  Wouldn’t it be nice to airbrush in real life!  

What I coach clients in is making the most of their time when they have it to work out.  Intensity is key with the heart rate while doing cardio.  Lifting weights is extremely important to lose weight and keeping a healthy weight maintained.  I can help get you on the right track.

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Cost of health

It is amazing to me that people are willing to simply go with the cheapest path when it comes to, in my opinion, the most important thing, their health.  We need fruits, vegetables and berries in our system to fight off illness and make these machines function properly.  The supplement industry preys on this by coming out with misleading products leading people to believe that there is whole food in their product when the reality is not so.  I have been a proponent of Juice Plus for ten years, taking it every day, for a number of reasons.  There are 17 fruits, vegetables and whole grains we get every day for about $1.50/day.  We don’t think twice about getting a coffee or chips and soda for more than this but many think this is simply too expensive.  Don’t take the 17 fruits and vegetables at face value.  What the company has done, and continues to do, is research the product for the 20 years of existence.  NO OTHER PRODUCT CAN SAY THIS!  The research is independent from the company and shows Juice Plus is absorbed and affects us in a way that makes us healthier.  Visit my site to check this out.  www.jeffbettag.com.

Amazing stuff that we truly need.  Your health is worth it.  You are worth it.

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Five basics for full body fitness

Many keep from the gym because they worry that they will have to spend all their spare time to build strength and muscle.  Muscle is key for weight loss and maintenance because the more muscle we have the more calories are burned  throughout the day.  There are five basic exercises to ensure all the major muscles are worked.  Do a chest press to work the chest, front of shoulders and triceps.  A row for the back, rear shoulder and biceps.  Leg press for the leg muscles.  For the abs and low back using a stability ball works best.  You may want to hire a trainer for a session to get the form correct.  Challenge the muscle to 12 – 15 repetitions to really get the muscles strong.  

These are basics and there are certainly many more exercises to do so let me know if I can help you in any way.  

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What motivates you to be healthy and fit?

As a trainer, I have consulted with many individuals as to what motivates them on their journey to health and fitness.  There are many reasons I am given as to why someone works with me or exercises on their own.  Some are training for an event, some for vacations, weddings, or pool season in the summer.  Some feel pushed by a spouse or significant other to get in shape.  Many think the job of a trainer is to motivate and get them in shape.  Whatever it is for you keep this thought in mind.   If you don’t have some ownership in the motivation department, you will most likely not be successful long term.  What happens when that vacation is over or the wedding has come and gone.  The pools will close in the fall and maybe your financial situation changes and you have to cut out a trainer.  Does that mean you don’t exercise?  I hope not.

I certainly do motivate my people but it goes beyond the hour we spend together.  You need to understand why you are doing something so you can do it on your own.   I have the tools for you if you need help in finding that motivation.

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How fitness can change healthcare

Lack of exercise leads to obesity which in turn leads to so many expensive health issues.  This is a big thing that really no one wants to talk about when it comes to the expense of healthcare and how to change that.  If everyone made the commitment to lose 5-10 pounds this year, that would make a major impact for your well-being and can greatly reduce the risk of disease that can be very expensive.  This is not much weight, I know, but the point is a little bit can go a long way.  I can help get you on the right track.

And the next Superfood is…..

I don’t know what the next superfood is going to be. I hope you weren’t expecting some news release here, but I have to be honest. I do know one thing, the next time they name a superfood it is going to be a fruit, vegetable or berry.

Look back on the other foods that are tagged as superfoods and you will find that it is something that is grown. I will guarantee that you will NOT find a McDonalds burger or Taco Bell burrito. I’m not saying those things aren’t tasty, they just have absolutely no nutritional value and can actually do harm to us if we eat them on a regular basis.

It is really very simple. We have a problem in the United States that can be fixed. I get frustrated when I hear all the talk about healthcare and no talk about our responsibility to ourselves. Eating healthy whole foods and exercise is the best way to lower healthcare cost. Think of your body as a machine that will only function with the right fuel and that fuel is fruits, vegetables and berries. NOT synthetic, isolated vitamins but the whole food. God made us and gave us the fuel for the body he gave us, its that simple.
We need the variety of foods everyday, which can be almost impossible. That is why I take Juice Plus every day and recommend it to everyone I meet. It is 17 fruits, vegetables and grains along with berries and grapes. You simply can’t beat it and it is backed by science! Check it out. http://www.jeffbettag.com.
Lets fix this problem!

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How are those resolutions?

It’s hard to believe that we are already one month into 2013! You made those changes to your diet and are exercising more than ever. Are you getting the results you expected? Are your expectations realistic? Are you ready to give up???

Don’t give up just yet! If you haven’t already, this may be the time to consult with a personal trainer to talk about those goals and what you have been doing to reach them. Here are some quick points that may help for now.

Realize that you have to do extra to lose weight. I am a firm believer that exercise should fit into your life and not take over your life. Once you get the weight off, maintaining is easier. However, if you are finding that the 7 days a week that you thought you could do to lose weight is too much, don’t just quit, simply cut back. Remember, exercise is something we all have to do for the rest of our lives so you don’t have to reach those goals in 30 days. It is much more important what you do for the next 10 months.

Lift those weights. We sometimes fall into the trap of cardio, cardio, cardio to lose weight. This is important but strength training is also key here. The stronger our muscles are the more calories we will burn when not exercising. This will also help to maintain weight loss. Get those bigger muscle groups strong!

Don’t go on a diet! Fad diets don’t work, changing eating habits make the difference. Fad diets are for 30 days and typically when people stop the fad they put more weight on than when they started. Eating habits are for a lifetime.
There may be other things that are keeping you from your successes. I would be happy to help you any way that I can so feel free to ask!

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