Gym? What Gym?

The decision many have to make is whether or not they can afford the cost of a gym membership.  This can be a deal breaker for those who are cutting back every year to make ends meet.  Now, if you decide that you aren’t going to sign that contract there is hope!  That doesn’t have to be your excuse for not getting in shape.

Bodyweight exercises are all the rage and the reality is they are some of the most effective.   Pushups are a great way to work the chest, arms, shoulders and core.  Pullups, while extremely challenging, are great for the back, arms and shoulders.  Squats are for the legs and glutes.  For your cardio there are many great trails to walk/hike/run or jump on a bike and go for a ride.

There are also three pieces of equipment that you can purchase that would last you many years and not cost a fortune.   The TRX is amazing for strength and core stability.  This was developed by a Navy SEAL and will give you a great workout that you can take anywhere.  The Lebert Equalizer is also great to work the upper torso.  Finally a simple stability ball is one of the best things to work abs and lower back.

Don’t misunderstand, going to a gym is great motivation and gives you many options, but if you can’t afford it there is a way.

Until next time…

Why do most fitness New Years resolutions fail?

Owners of gyms love the month of January. All those new members, using the exercise equipment, making this the year to get fit! On the flip side, members who use the gyms throughout the year HATE the month of January. All those new members, using the exercise equipment, making this the year to get fit! If you talk to members they know they have to make it through January and part of February before the resolutions go south and they get their gym back.
Why do so many people make these resolutions only to have them fail within the first couple of months? I think there are a number of contributing factors to this.
First, people simply set goals that are unattainable. There is no reason to think that you will all of a sudden fit 7 days of exercise in every week when for the previous years you didn’t do anything. In fact, if you don’t start slowly you risk injury and then you will really be pushed back.
Second, they don’t meet with a trainer to discuss their goals and how to go about reaching them. This is very important because if you are spinning your wheels by not being efficient with your workout that could certainly be a downer and getting simple tips from a trainer can make all the difference in the world.
Third, getting bad advice from a trainer. A lot of times trainers don’t want to be honest with someone who hasn’t worked out in the past and wants to train everyday. The reality is that as a professional, it is my responsibility to set you up to succeed and say listen, its not about what you can do for the next month but what you can do for the next part of your life. You may need to start off 3 days a week and gradually build up. That would be safer and is almost a guarantee that you will still be exercising in October and November.
Good luck on those resolutions and as always, I am here to help!

Until next time…