Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! I’ll be getting tips to you on how to keep those health and fitness resolutions for 2013! Let me know how I can be of help to you.

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! Thanks for following and I hope you continue to pass this along to your friends. I will be doing two New Years resolution talks in Kirkwood MO in January. Keep the 9th at 7pm and the 12th at 11am open. Space is limited so call soon! It is at St. Peters Church in Kirkwood. 314-724-9306.
Until next time….

St. Jude’s Hospital

The annual St. Jude’s marathon took place last weekend.  If you aren’t familiar with the hospital you should check it out.  Dedicated to taking care of kids who are very sick, St. Jude’s relies on donations from big companies as well as individuals.  As you know, I am a Juice Plus distributor.  Juice Plus is among the largest supporters of St. Jude’s and is the biggest sponsor for the race.  This is yet another reason NSA/Juice Plus is just an incredible company to work for.  

A couple of friends took part in the race and were just in awe at what the hospital does and how the whole event was put on.  Part of the race went through the campus of St. Jude’s and there were children, who were able to be outside, lining the street giving high fives to the runners.  As they looked up, those who couldn’t be outside were waving from their room windows.  I’m sure there were many teary eyes there. 

We take our health for granted.  Through my work in the fitness industry and that with Juice Plus, I have heard more stories of people who have real health challenges and I realize how blessed I have been with good health.  That is why knowing what I know with Juice Plus, it has become my responsibility to relay that information on to all my friends and family.  There is not a health care plan out there that is going to improve your health the way good eating and exercise can.  

I have set a number of personal and professional goals for next year.  One of those is to participate in the St. Jude’s marathon…actually I will do the half.  If you would like information on Juice Plus or are interested in doing the half marathon with me let me know.

Until next time…