Best Time of Day to Exercise–the answer

No, I wasn’t trying to make you guess at what the best time is.  Unexplained things just happen.

I have always thought that the health and fitness industry makes things too complicated and actually pushes people away from wanting to exercise.   Telling us we are going to maximize our metabolic rate if we workout at this time, or burn more fat if we exercise at that time.  If you don’t fit into those time periods, it is almost implied you are wasting your time.

Here is my answer….again.  What ever works best for you is when you need to work out.  I would add that if you can get if done early, do it.  This will eliminate all those little things that come up during the day that sabotage your good intentions of exercise in the evening.  You still need to be consistent and challenge yourself with your heart rate and the amount of weight that you lift but first and foremost you have to be moving.  Don’t get caught up on the time of day.

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38 Days

Let’s keep perspective here folks.  We just finished stuffing ourselves with a Thanksgiving feast and are going into the Christmas Season when there will be parties and food through  the New Year. 

Perspective here is that there will be 114 meals, using the typical 3 meals a day math, in that time period.  If you have a snack between breakfast and lunch and one between lunch and dinner, which is not a bad idea,  that would give you 76 snacks.  Wouldn’t it be logical that if we make a majority of those meals and snacks healthy, the times that we are at parties or have a tray of cookies to choose from won’t be such a big deal.  The fact of the matter is that this season is going to come EVERY YEAR!  We need to be able to deal with it and not lose perspective.

Have a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts for a snack.  Eat a salad for lunch when you know you are going to have a party to go to that evening.  Go for a walk instead of watching TV.  

38 days, 114 meals and 76 snacks.  What are you going to choose?


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Not Just the Flu Shot

Tis the season!  We are constantly bombarded with the idea that we have to get a flu shot or we are going to be very sick this winter season.  I believe the flu shot can be effective in some ways but what we can’t forget is that our immune system is extremely powerful when functioning and the only way to have it functioning properly is to feed it what it needs.  Our body gets what it needs from fruits, vegetables and berries.  When you eat these in a wide variety you will see amazing things happen.  

I would be happier with the way the flu shot is distributed if everyone got an apple along with their shot.  I just don’t think that enough is done to promote the fact that we need to eat properly and not just rely on a shot to keep us healthy this winter.

There is an easy way to bridge the gap between what we eat and what we should eat and that is Juice Plus.  25 fruits, vegetables, berries and whole grains every day for about $2.50/ day.  That is less than what most will spend at a vending machine or getting a daily coffee.  Just think about it.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!


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Go For a Walk

I was talking with an extremely overweight man this past week and he made a comment that I have heard many times about why he isn’t exercising. He had a defeatist attitude and said that it would just take hours and hours of exercise in order for him to lose weight. This got me thinking about the show “The Biggest Loser”. I have never really been a fan of the show because I feel it gives the wrong impression about what it takes to lose weight if you are extremely overweight. The gentleman I was talking to was right, it is going to take hours of exercise to lose that weight. What you have to realize is that all those hours don’t have to happen within one week!
I am a big believer in getting yourself on a regular workout, on a consistent basis and you will see great results. TV shows need to show the 10 pounds of weight loss a week in order to get ratings but the fact is that is not real life. Real life is 3 or 4 days a week and losing 1 pound a week. This may not sound like much but even a half a pound a week would be 25 pounds a year and I think that would look substantial to anyone!
Walking is a good place to start. Did you know that changing your bad habit of a sedentary lifestyle to simply going out for a walk is going to have great health benefits? Weight loss, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, increase heart health just to name a few. Map out a specific distance and time yourself the first time around. Make that time your goal from then on and keep reducing the time it takes you to go that same distance. As you increase your speed your caloric burn will increase and you can then increase the distance you do within the same time period.
You don’t need a fancy gym to go for a walk and you could be on your way to much better health!
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Fuel Your Body For Exercise

I have trained many people over the past 15 years at all different times of the day. One thing holds true and that is we have to fuel our bodies in order to get the most out of our exercise routine. Whenever I have a client who is feeling dizzy or weak during a session the first thing I ask is when is the last time they ate something. Usually the answer is that it had been a while since fueling up.
There is a lot of misinformation out there about when to eat and how much to eat. I am a simple person and I like to keep things simple. Our bodies are machines and those machines need fuel to run. I still occasionally hear someone say that they were told not to eat before a workout because then they would burn more fat. This is the same as saying your car would run better if it didn’t have any gas in the tank and we all know that just isn’t true.
We need to eat before a workout. I’m not talking a full meal but we need something in our bodies to keep us going. A piece of fruit can be a real boost for any workout and your body will know what to do with that fuel.
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